In addition to wholesale coffee supply, we offer three main kinds of coffee services including o.e.m production, private label coffee and food-n-beverage advice to accelerate your coffee business. Please click on the respective service to know more.

O.E.M Production

We possess solid production lines for coffee which can meet world’s standard for packing coffee. This helps us to be trusted by world’s coffee giants.

Private Label

Our private label means your label with our good coffee inside. Our experienced team will help you to possess a coffee brand of your own at an ease.

F&B Advice

Launching a coffee brand of your own is sometimes too complicated. What’s your solution? Let our F&B advice team helps you to handle all of them at ease.


The world of coffee trade is very interesting with not only coffee itself but also the supporting industries to it such as packing, brewing and distributing business. The price indices of coffee are attracting traders, too.

Vietnamese coffee businesses are facing losses, massive bankruptcies, but effective solutions haven’t been found yet. One month ago, for the first time ever, Vietnam’s Association of Coffee and Cocoa (VICOFA) has asked its members to urgently report bad-debt situation and solution[s] to those. However, it has been stopped at “suggestion” so far, there has been still no..

›This time, there is not much stocked coffee for traders to buy for temporary stocks. ( This is most likely the unverified information of speculators to disrupt the domestic market before the start of the new season. On some coffee prices – focused websites summarize that the green coffee prices are still low at around..

Many Central Highlands – based coffee traders have already gone to bankruptcies when taking risk to join online trading through online coffee trading floors.

Vietnam Coffee Farms By Rain Forest Alliance

Many coffee farms of Vietnam are located in the Central Highlands. Its soil and land are very rich in nutrients. It is located in high altitude with featured tropical weather and volcanic soils across mountains and hills.


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