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Roasted Robusta Coffee Beans

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≡ Wscafe delivers many types of roasted robusta coffee beans. We source our beans from most famous coffee growing areas across the country. Our main sourcing channel is from Buon Ma Thuot which is known as Vietnam’s coffee capital in the Central Highlands region. We take care of every coffee bean we roast and keep them @ a very good condition of tastes, flavors and freshness. We accept main methods of roasting from light roast to medium roast, dark roast and super dark roast.

  1. Relevant information►

≡ Types: Robusta.

≡ Standard applied: TCVN 4193:2005, WSCAFE’s standard or customized// tailored-made standard.

≡ Year harvest: newest.

≡ Origins: Central Highlands, Vietnam.

≡ Supply abilities: upon customer’s request.

≡ Roasting method: light roast, medium roast, dark roast, super dark roast, tailor-made roast.

≡ Samples: free sample, but customers pay shipment fee.

≡ Packaging: 60kilogram bag (int’l standard)// 50kilogram bag (domestic standard).

≡ Delivery: from 7 days to 15 days after the date of payment released.

≡ Minimum order: 1 metric ton.

  1. Product’s available►

≡ Robusta screen size #18.

≡ Tailor – made robusta coffee beans.


* 93/9/35 Bo Bao Tan Thang, Ward Son Ky, District Tan Phu, Ho Chi Minh City,


* Email: wscafe.com@gmail.com

* Mobile/ Hotline: +84(0)902219192

* Whatsapp/ Viber: +84902219192 * Skype: wscafecom


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