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Robusta Ground Coffee

  1. Descriptions►

≡ We have already created our own formula ground coffees which have different aromas, tastes and flavors. Wscafe – formulated ground coffees are made from best selected coffee beans from the famous origins of Vietnam. As a wholesale coffee supplier, we understand that ground coffee is accounting for the largest comsumption of coffee across the globe.

  1. Relevant information►

≡ Types: Robusta.

≡ Standard applied: Wscafe’s standard or customized// tailored-made standard.

≡ Year harvest: newest.

≡ Origins: Central Highlands, Vietnam.

≡ Supply abilities: upon customer’s request.

≡ Samples: free sample, but customers pay shipment fee.

≡ Packaging: 60kilogram bag (int’l standard)// 50kilogram bag (domestic standard).

≡ Delivery: from 7 days to 15 days after the date of payment released.

≡ Minimum order: 1 metric ton.

  1. Product’s available►

≡ Pure robusta ground coffee.

≡ Tailor – made ground coffees.


* Ho Chi Minh City Office: 93/9/35 Tan Thang Street, Ward Son Ky, District Tan Phu, Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam, 700000

* Email: wscafe.com@gmail.com

* Mobile/ Hotline: +84(0)902.21.91.92

* Whatsapp/ Viber: +84.902.219.192 * Skype: wscafecom


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