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Weasel 3 In 1 Instant Coffee Mix

ÕWhat is weasel coffee?

Weasel coffee is a legendary coffee in Vietnam indeed. It had been found more than one century ago and has been become popular across Indochina and later Southeast Asia region. The coffee which is called “cà phê chồn” or “cà phê cứt chồn” in Vietnamese also has been called kopi luwak in Indonesian, civet coffee, citvet dung coffee, weasel coffee, etc.

The legends say that wild civets ate the best and most mature coffee cherries and the beans was well mixed with an enzyme on its stomaches to digest a part of the beans to create material to make real weasel coffees. Nowadays, weasel coffees are produced in local coffee farms across Indochina including Vietnam and Laos and Indonesia.

ÕHow is weasel coffee made?

– 1.: A wild civet chooses best coffee cherries to eat in local coffee farms.

– 2.: Those coffee cherries will be digested partly in the civet’s stomaches.

– 3.: Enzymes affect cherries  & create a special malt on the coffee beans.

– 4.: Enzymatic- coffee beans will be moved out as a complicated mixture.

– 5.: Skilled- farmers wash them out and process them at a secret method.

ÕWhat is our weasel 3 in 1 instant coffees and how is it made?

Together with roasted weasel coffee beans, we also supply 3 in 1 instant coffee mix with weasel flavor. Our specialists choose the best instant coffees and mix them well with weasel (aroma) flavors which share the same characteristics and tastes with authentic weasel coffee itself.

ÕMain quality criteria of wscafe’s weasel 3 in 1 instant coffee mix:

– 1.: Best selected pure instant coffees (or coffee powders).

– 2.: Carefully–selected refined sugar with true sweetness.

– 3.: Premium non — diary creamers with true smoothness.

– 4.: Clean — unique weasel flavors with a distinctive taste.

ÕPacking details — All of most common packing requirements are accepted.

– 1.: Wholesale packaging: in bulk of 20kgs or 25kgs each (big bags or cartons) with polyethylene liners.

– 2.: Private label packaging: sachets; sticks; etc. (16 gram to 20 gram each) under buyer’s brandnames.

– 3.: Please email wscafe immediately for further information and further discussion on 3 in 1 weasel coffees.


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